Dress Code

All visitors must remain fully clothed during the entirety of the visit. Possible criminal charges could be filed in a violation occurs.

  • Clothing, accessories or any items that advertise substances which are illegal or which are otherwise inappropriate (profanity, sex, obscenities, violence, gang related etc.) are not permitted.
  • Any dress considered too revealing or extremely form fitting will not be allowed. See-through outfits, bare midriffs, open backs, low cut tops, tube tops, tank tops, halter tops and mesh skirts are not allowed.
  • No skin should be visible between shirts and pants
  • Undergarments must be covered
  • Shorts and skirts (including any slits) must be as long as or longer than the tip of the longest finger when the visitor’s arms are by the side of the body
  • Biker shorts, spandex, tights or boxer shorts are not permitted