Stine-Bradbury Mansion


Stine-Bradbury Mansion is located at 1001 10th Street and is the only home in Woodward to be on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1916 by prominent and wealthy banker Len L. Stine, it is a four story home with an elevator, formal dining room and a ballroom.


Stine was the owner of First National Bank and the first person in Woodward to own an electric car. It was said that the car was so large an engineer’s license was required to operate it. Stine lost possession of the house when his bank went under in 1932 due to the purchase of German war bonds. The Bank was forced to close when the people of Woodward feared the war bonds were a bad investment and pulled all of their money from the bank.

Harold Bradbury, Sr. purchased the home and lived in it for many years. His son Harold “Brad” Bradbury, Jr. and wife Maudie also lived in the home. He was a local photographer and they opened Woodward’s first drive-in restaurant the Wagon Wheel. Made from an old guard tower shack from the POW camp in Alva, it still stands today and is now Carl’s Barber Shop.